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The Illphonics




Residing in University City, a suburb of St. Louis City, the members of Illphonics have all been involved in the creation of music since early childhood

With their live show being described as "P-Funk meets Pink Floyd", Illphonics wraps its sound around the most diverse crowds. In addition to delivering the blending and bending of music genres they deliver what music started out as, a good damn show. While relatable, Illphonics challenges the music listener to hear something different than what has become the norm. The stomach churning of Jimi Hendrixs riffs and the heavy groove of Thelonious Monk still live through this melting pot of souls known as Illphonics.

The Illphonics have opened for National Recording Acts including Lupe Fiasco (2007), The Roots (2008) and Everclear (2008). They earned second place in the Southern Comfort Tasty Band Competition, played The Taste of St. Louis, Playback:STL Music Festival and Rockin for Barack Election Benefit.

Since 2006 Illphonics has refined and redefined themselves as artists and as musicians. They've committed their lives to their dreams and are making hopes realities with the commitment to be better today than they were yesterday and sharing that with whoever will listen.


Keith "Bizkits" Moore - Keys/Vocalist
Tim Edwards - Guitar
Kevin Koehler - Guitar/Vocalist
Larry "Fallout" Morris - Emcee
Simon "Spanky" Chervitz - Bass
Chaz "CB" Brew - Drums/Vocalist


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