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The Hatrick




The Hatrick is a foot stomin’ hootin’ hollerin’ partygrass band. Every member of the Hatrick sings… every member plays percussion, mostly with their feet… and with their remaining limbs; they incorporate acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, and harmonica, with a banjo emerging on a blue moon as well. Hailing from Columbia, MO, this 3-piece outfit is made up of a handful of members from area bands The HipNecks and Bockman. While their respective bands have enjoyed regional success, they still thought it prudent of them to make a side project of building a party band the way they thought it should be done. The 3-Ply Human Jukebox works well enough that these boys perform most every night and have completed 3 successful Colorado tours while only having been a group for just over a year.


Paddy McKay – Mandolin/Harmonica/Big Drum/Washboards/Hootin' & Hollerin'
Seanith O'Cananaich – Guitar/Foot Tambourine/Hootin' & Hollerin'
Big Bear – Guitar/Shakers/Hootin' & Hollerin'
Heffe 3000 – Upright Bass/Duct Tape





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