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...The story starts, properly, ten years ago in the summer of 1999..... A multi-dimensional movement of artists, gathered together and created a controversial mass human experiment, innocently interwoven within unique audio/visual experiences. The movement, later to become known as "Spoonfed Tribe" , coined this experiment, The Mood Manipulation - Behavior Modification Program. Conducting a series of Unfair Hearing Tests on willing participants from street corners, theatres, and festivals all across the country, the movement had successfully completed four independent audio programs by 2005

.....This is a collection of artists and performers from Dallas-Ft Worth,TX. In 1999, Spoonfed Tribe debuted with great impact and started touring the region, while releasing 3 Independent CD's. In 2003, the Tribe opened up to diligently touring the US and spreading their vibe. Since then, they were able to release 2 additional albums.

.....SFT is a solid, original, avant-garde / Rock n Roll Act with a New Record, an extravagant live show, and a quickly growing fan base throughout the country.

.....From Lollapalooza and High Sierra (04), to Joshua Tree (06) and Voodoo Music Fests (06 and 08), the Tribe is gaining great momentum, sharing bills with such bands as NIN, Galactic, the Chili Peppers, and Blue October, to name a few. Their new release has thrusted the Tribe forward in many regions, as well as earning them a slot at the prestigious "Edgefest 17" in Dallas

.....Their new project, "Public Service Announcement", holds a New Sound, which is gaining radio support, and National recognition. This has given great momentum to the Tribe, along with winning “Best Hard Rock Band” and “Rock Album of the Year” at the FW Weekly Music Awards 2008. Spoonfed Tribe is ready for the Future and the Now.

"WINNER - Live Band of the Year - 2009 FW Weekly Music Awards"
"WINNER - Rock Album of the Year - 2008 FW Weekly Music Awards"
"WINNER - Best Hard Rock Band - 2008 FW Weekly Music Awards"



Jerome57Percussion/Drum Kit
KaboomPercussion/Drum Kit/Bass/Vocals
ShoNuff Guitar/Vocals/Keys/Percussion
Egg NebulaLead Vocals/Flute/Percussion
Percussion/Drum Kit



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