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The news is spreading rapidly from coast to coast. What started as a midwestern buzz has mutated into a national phenomenon. Springfield, Missouri groove rockers Speakeasy have arrived; and they’re here to party. Luckily for all of us, the days of prohibition have come and gone and we all can partake in the revelry and general merriment.

Originally formed in the mid 90’s as a three-piece, Speakeasy experimented with a hint of metal and hip-hop funk before evolving into the groove-oriented progressive rock outfit they are today. “I think we have definitely matured as people and musicians over time,” comments guitarist and vocalist Shawn Eckels. “A lot has happened since we started. But, the music has gained a more solid direction over the last year 1/2 in my opinion.” As the band’s musical chops progressed, their style evolved into the driving force it is today.

With chunky, percussive guitars, razor sharp harmonicas, pinpoint three part harmonies, and punchy rhythms, the result is undeniably Speakeasy. Adding the multi-talented, “working man’s Champion”, Marcus Chatman and the funky bass work of Reed Herron rounded out Speakeasy’s musical soundscape. “Getting Reed locked into the band was huge and now very important to our sound. The three part harmonies were a big part of our sound growing as well as the music getting a little grittier,” adds Eckels. “I think that our sound having more layers with the addition of organ, trumpet, harmonica, and the vocals went hand in hand with the fun of it all.” Drummer Ryan Fannin lays the groundwork with rolling rhythms intertwined to Herron’s bass lines.

Not one to leave a crowd standing in its proverbial shoes, Speakeasy has built an ever-loyal fan base by cultivating a party atmosphere at each and every show. The free-spirited nature of the band shines brilliantly in their live performances. Serving up blistering cuts of crunchy, groovy electricity, Speakeasy breaks through with a rock and roll swagger of only true performers. “As professional entertainers, it all starts with us. No matter how big, small, excited or indifferent any particular crowd is, we have got to bring the energy to them, or else everybody leaves disappointed,” says Herron.

As their following continues to grow exponentially, the sky is the limit for the four-piece. On the heels of their new studio release, All your new favorite songs, and the desire to reach audiences from coast to coast, Speakeasy has big plans for 2008. “Dying to go west! We will be going down south, Georgia, Carolinas, Tennessee area early 2008. Love to hit the North East as well,” Eckels states. “We are all about bringing our music to anyone & everyone!” adds Herron. Spread the word. Tell your friends. It’s Speakeasy.



Ryan FanninDrums
Reed HerronBass
Shawn Eckels  - Guitar/Vocals
Marcus Chatman - Keys



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