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Modern Red



Modern Red's music is a unique ambient rock sound that gives listeners way more than the normal three chords and whiny recycled hooks. Imagine U2 cranked up a notch, with the subtle influences of Muse, Incubus, and Coldplay.


The members of Modern Red write songs that have a little more heart and soul than most current rock bands. Why ? They write songs we can all relate to , songs about real people doing real things.....falling in and out of love , questioning their place in the cosmos, questioning beliefs and commitments, and searching for some shred of truth in an angry unfocused world.

All in their early and mid-20's, drummer : AnT and vocalist : -matto- , have been playing together for 9 solid years ...starting in the parental unit's basement with the same aspirations . Through that time , singers wussed out and quit , bass players came and went, people jammed with other people , but for these two guys it always came back to the dream .

To have a band that has a unique , identifiable sound. Then -matto- writes some amzing songs , surfer dude and charisma-tron A'lan , steps up to the plate to move from guitar to bass and starts kicking ass immediately.... ...MODERN RED, the 3 piece beast is born. Kickin guitars , catchy songs and with all of them singing , the harmonies are like a 4th member. Early 2005 found the guys woodshedding with their producer. After writing close to 30 songs , the 6 tunes you hear on the EP "A Wonderful Beautiful Angle" represent the band at their best . Produced by Devon Allman (yes from that Allman family) and Pete Matthews ( Evanesence, Dust for Life ) at the famous Ardent Studios in Memphis (the latest White Stripes record was mixed there) the EP lets the listener know one thing right off the bat .......Modern Red has found their own sound. These songs take you on a ride and stick with you ......resonate with you...... and so do the gentlemen that bring them to life. matto: vocals / guitars A' lan : bass / vocals AnT : drums / vocals: The songs have already stirred interest on the internet as well as various radio stations and venues across the midwest. Also, Modern Red was recently voted into the top 5 on the 2005 Unsigned Grammy Demo Review contest, and spent 4 weeks as 101.1 The River's Homegrown Champs. The band's live show cements the theory that they should not be tagged with the term "promising", they are primed and ready. Melodic , passionate , energetic



Matto Vocals/Guitar
A'lan Bass/Vocals




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