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Johnny Chase’s solo debut, 801 Days, combines the drive of 90’s rock with the emotional urgency of today’s songwriters, delivering gritty and powerful vocals packed with passion. The collection of original tracks from this singer/songwriter/guitarist fills the musical bookends of love and loss that resonate with audiences coast-to-coast.

The visceral aspect of Chase’s sound has attracted television and film companies, among them MTV and HBO. By Your Side, a rocking, high-energy number with a riff that grabs you from the beginning, has been used multiple times on the MTV hit show NEXT, while Fear to Fall, with its brooding vocals and thumping bass, has been included on HBO’s Entourage Season 3 promo spots and DVD. This song has also been used multiple times on CW/WB for the show CW Now. "Breakdown" is also a featured song in a Night Light Films movie "Fear Chamber" And most recently all songs are 5 of the songs off the CD are being aired on satellite radio nationwide in dept stores and shopping malls.

801 Days spotlights 11 self-penned songs that are filled with first-hand feelings. The CD’s title poignantly refers to the number of days Chase’s young son lived. Originally written to facilitate his own healing after his son’s death, Chase decided to record the songs for others to hear, hoping it would help listeners endure life’s evitable heartbreaks, large and small. The resulting CD is both introspective and exuberant, tracing the performer’s journey through the mind-altering experience called life.

Raised in a musical family, Chase’s mother was a popular piano teacher and his father a talented saxophonist. Chase initially studied piano and percussion in his hometown of St. Louis. He later taught himself guitar and felt he had finally found his true instrument. From 1992 through 1996, Chase wrote songs to feature the extraordinary voice of his sister, Sarah Schniepp.

In 1998, he officially established the band, Astralflight, which his sister fronted. He was the guitarist and main songwriter for the band’s 2000 release, The Way That I Am, with some assistance from Sarah Schniepp and the CD’s acclaimed producer, Johnny Pierce.

After writing and recording the full-length demo that would become 801 Days in his basement studio, Chase took it to Cedar House Production Studios in Nashville, which specializes in developing new artists. There he recorded it with the help of first-rate studio musicians and renowned engineer Jim Emrich, who also performed on and produced the CD

In addition to the songs heard on MTV and HBO, 801 Days includes
I Can See Everything, a fan-favorite offering a supernatural sound that builds momentum with every guitar lick, and Breakdown, a melodic lesson in never giving up hope, is another song that has piqued the interest of MTV. Son in the Sky, One More Day and On Top of the World all reflect on family and relationships and are dedicated to his son. The CD ends lovingly with Heaven to Me, a passionate ballad written to Chase’s wife.

Johnny Chase’s musical journey is tied closely to his personal triumphs and tragedies. His passionate performances and emotion-packed songs are a reminder of how precious life is. “You have to go for it. Don’t wait until tomorrow because tomorrow may never come,” says Chase. It is a fact he knows well and the force driving him to create music that empowers both himself and his fans.



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