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Descending New Angels


Who says rock can't be beautiful? Every once in a while you hear a tune for the first time and are blown away by the vocals. Descending New Angels' lead singer Randy Shanks has a uniquely rich and powerful voice, dripping with sweetness. His control and range is amazing as he shifts from soft melodic tones to soulful bellows. His voice sets this band apart, and the combined talents of all members are putting them on the fast track regionally.

Descending New Angels blends rock and blues with a pinch of grunge, (a subgenre they've termed blunge rock). DNA has 4 hours of finely tuned originals, but do occasionally surprise the crowds with covers from Counting Crows, Men at Work, Blues Traveler, Audioslave and Pearl Jam.

DNA has achieved much in their first year as a band, recording and distributing some great demo CDs and performing 36 live shows in 2008 at many top venues in the St. Louis region. They have been warmly received regionally as far north as Quincy, IL and southward to Cape Girardeau, MO and will focus intently on expanding their geographical coverage in 2009.

Doors opening via the internet offer many new ways to engage in the business of music, and as a result DNA is rapidly gaining fans from afar. Their self-produced demo CD and streaming audio has landed requests to air from three international radio stations, IChannel.FM, in Russia, and TWINCITIESFM.COM.AU of Australia.

This band rooted in 1999 with the two musical minds of Randy & Erik blending lyrics from Randy's poetry into acoustical melodies. With every masterful pick and strum on the acoustic, Erik romances the strings of your heart. The sweet and salty contrast of Erik's acoustical ballads and Randy's bluesy bends tantalizes the ear. With crisp rhythmic precision, Keith drums in rolling waves that rock you into an altered state. Mike adds a soothing depth of bassy undertones. Perhaps it's the mix of European and earthy Native American genes that add the dimensions so many fans say 'grab them'. All we know is this recipe whips acoustic and electric together into a richness that sits atop layered rhythmic beats and bass, like a 'slice of pie' you just can't resist! There is no doubt about their passion, discipline or attention to detail, as the intricacies of their sound floods your senses.

Influences include Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Staind, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, Nirvana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Blues Traveler.


Randy Shanks - Lead Vocalist/Guitar
Erik Simpson - Guitar
Keith Thurnau - Percussion & Drums
Mike Titchenal -



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