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"COME CLOSER" was founded in January 2008.
Founding members: Tom Riddle (Drums/Samples/Vocals and occasionally Bass), Jeff Roney (Bass/Guitar/and Background Vocals), and Megan McGlasson (Lead Vocals/Bass and Tambourine) played together for about 3 yrs prior to '08 as "No One Knows" (appropriately named as such, due to the lack of a name :)

"No One Knows" included various other members that didn't quite work out... which in January 2008 led to the band adding guitarist Nathan Sickmeier (Lead Guitar/Vocals/Electric Violin/Trumpet/Bass and occasionally Drums) forming "Come Closer".

Rachel Struckhoff (Lead Vocals/Keyboard and some Rhythm Guitar) took over as vocalist in August of 2008, when Megan left the band. Also, as of October 2008, Jeff has "retired" from playing out and Adam Boelke (Bass/Keyboard and occasionally Guitar) has joined us as the primary bassist.

Our name originates from our rendition of the Beatles "Come Together" meshed up with Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" (which is played over the top of a sampled loop and various other samples).

We are a cover band, playing a WIDE VARIETY of music including:
Tom Petty, Snoop (Gin and Juice), Alanis Morissette, Red Hot Chili Peppers... as well as tunes from Steve Miller, Lit & Bowling for Soup, G-N-R, Johnny Cash,The Beatles, Spin Doctors... (I bet you get the picture! :)

There are a few things that make us unique: 1. We are a cover band using samples triggered by our drummer, Tom. 2. We like to take turns on various instruments... we can all play Bass and Adam shares some of the guitar duties, whenever Nathan is playing other instruments. 3. How often do you see a cover band with an Electric Violin? 4. We have a female singer. (which we didn't think was too out of the ordinary... until everyone was like "oh wow, I didn't know you had a female singer." 5. We ARE NOT A JUKEBOX... we tend to put our own spin on the tunes that we play!


Rachel Struckhoff Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/ Keyboard/Bass
Nathan Sickmeier Lead Guitar/Vocals/Electric Violin/Trumpet/Bass
Adam BoelkeBass/Keyboard/Guitar
Tom Riddle


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